A love letter

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While you were out, I scrubbed your angry fingerprints off the mirror. I tied endless knots in your measuring tape. I put my heel through your scale, splintered your eye pencil, and watched the shiny pages of your fashion magazines char and curl in my wake.

Because, baby, the facade of a mirror is too flat to reflect your real beauty. A hundred thousand yards of measuring tape can’t take you as far as self-esteem can, true confidence doesn’t weigh a pound, sparkling eyeliner won't light up your face like your smile does, and even if I wrote on every single page of every single fashion magazine, I would still run out of pages before I would run out of reasons why I love you.

You’re beautiful.


Your Big Sister

(Maddie Mohn is an eighteen-year-old marketing major and one of our site contributors. She moved a thousand miles away from home and family last year, and brings us a unique young adult perspective.  While working on content for us, we posed this question to her: How would you communicate healthy self-image tools to other teenage girls using a single blog post?)

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