Snippets of Love - The Art of the Note

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(Written by Danna McCall)
This Mother's Day my adult child who lives 3,000 miles away wrote me a love letter. She emailed it to her father. He printed it, sealed it in an envelope and set it on the kitchen island for me to find.
The words in that letter showed me the importance of the regular things, the little things. The school pick ups, the phone calls, the walks...and especially the notes.
When my kids started a new school year, I always dropped a note of encouragement into their lunch bags - or maybe left one in their rooms during difficult times. Little did I know how much it meant. 
My adult daughter reminded me this Mother's Day:
"When. I inevitably cried before starting a new school year, you'd slip a note in my lunchbox. Or I'd see a post-it in my room when I got home from school, telling me you'd missed me. The one from my first day of middle school is still on the back of my door. I see it every night before bed."
That night as I walked through my son's room I looked at his bulletin board. Pinned up were multiple notes, again, from me.  On the youngest's cork board I found more notes from me.
Little notes. Handwritten. Filled with simple sentiment of love and encouragement. Saved and treasured for years. Some for decades. 
Keep writing moms and dads. Find a pen. Give them something to pin in their rooms and remind them of your love forever.
College student's bulletin board filled with notes and memorabilia
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