5 Steps for New Years Resolution Success

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New years resolutions serve two very important purposes: they motivate us and provide us with positive change.  Some of my past new years resolutions have been to eat healthier, spend more time with my parents, spend less money on material things I don't need, etc. I can honestly say I did not accomplish a single one of these. Maybe I was on my very best behavior for the first couple weeks of January, but after that first bite of my first cookie of the new year, it was all down hill-- bye bye healthy diet. 

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It takes discipline to maintain a new years resolution, but as long as your goals are realistic and you truly want to make a change, you can do it. I've clearly lacked this discipline in the past, but this year, I'm determined to stick it out. One of my resolutions is to finally break-in those expensive running shoes I bought last year and be able to call myself a runner. Like my list of resolutions, running isn't something I get too excited about, but I know that running makes me feel great. I sleep better, I have more energy, all of my little back- aches go away, I feel stronger, and most importantly, I feel accomplished. 

Another one of my resolutions is to take my own advice more often. So instead of just writing about these five steps to success, I'll actually follow this process on my own! How about that!

The beginners guide to New Years Resolutions: Five easy steps for success. 

1. Write out your resolutions: Hang them where you can see them-- somewhere that will motivate you. The bathroom mirror is a good spot, assuming you look in the mirror every morning. 

2. Limit your promises: Don't take on too much all at once-- know your habits. Instead of combining goals like changing your diet and getting into shape, stick to one of those and you can add onto it later. Two goals are, sometimes, related, but you don't have to focus on the big picture right away. After all, you have the whole year. 

3. Get out of your own way: If you want to stop late night snacking, remove unhealthy snacks from your kitchen. Set yourself up for success and avoid making excuses. 

4. Team up with a friend: Goals are easier to accomplish with moral support. If your goal is to get in shape, start a weekly walking ritual with a friend and hold each other accountable. 

5. Expect missteps: if you miss a day of working out or if you eat a cookie in the middle of your health food streak, that doesn't mean you've failed with your new years resolution. Keep going if it's a change you really want to make. 

Popular New Years Resolutions: 

1. Eat healthier                    2. Get in shape

3. Lose weight                    4. Save money

5. Take a trip                      6. Get organized

7. Volunteer more often       8. Spend more time with family/ friends

9. Give up a bad habit         10. Learn something new

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