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Kate Endle GiveawaySeattleite, Kate Endle, is a successful children’s illustrator, even writing a few children’s books of her own. Married to Caspar Babypants frontman, Chris Ballew, Endle and her husband recently published a book featuring their collaborative arts: song and illustration. The book is titled Augie to Zebra, but this book doesn’t do justice to all of the magical works of art Kate has created.


Endle’s prints are filled with animals, nature, geometric shapes and other sweet, light-hearted designs, perfect for a children’s playroom or bedroom. She creates her art by using water-color paints and cut decorative paper, glued onto stretched canvas.


A step-mom of two, Kate spends her days fulfilling the duties of a full-time parent and a full-time artist, endlessly creating in her charming West Seattle studio. We had the pleasure of talking to Kate, check out the interview below, then scroll down for details on how to win the “Us” print!  

Getting to Know Kate:

How long have you been creating your art? How did you start?  Kate's Artwork

I have been creating art since I was around 1 year old. My mom saved my drawings from that time period and they're pretty funny. I'm not really sure how I started; I think I just picked up a crayon and went to town! Fortunately, my parents noticed my interest early on and nurtured my talent throughout my childhood. I took a lot of art classes as a child and my mom bought me Ed Emberley's series of drawing books which I still use today for reference and inspiration. I highly recommend these books for children that like to draw- I can't say enough great things about them.


Where has your work been featured? 

My art can be found in children's books, calendars, greeting cards, magnets, place mats, magazines, album covers and bus stop shelters. My client list can be viewed at my website   My books and products, as well as my original art and prints, are available at my Etsy shop


Does your family life affect your art?

I have two step children- Augie 15 years old and Josie 11 years old. They're pretty independent and they have their own interests so they don't need as much time as infants or toddlers. I have enough time in my day to work and to hang out with them. My husband is a musician (lead singer for the Presidents of the United States of America and kid's band Caspar Babypants) and he works from home, too, which is really nice because I'm able to ask him for feedback on projects. 


Do you encourage the same creativity from your kids?

Our kids are pretty creative on their own and don't need much nudging. They go to a school that provides two art classes a day and they really enjoy it. We have a house full of musical instruments and art supplies so if they're feeling inspired they're in the right place! They also help my husband make music videos for his kid's band and they write songs.

Kate's Artwork 

Can you tell us a bit about the book you and your husband just published?

Augie to Zebra is our latest release. It's an alphabet book based on the old fashion car game of going through the alphabet by picking a name that begins with "A", a verb that begins with "A", and an animal the begins with "A" and continuing through the rest of the alphabet. The names we chose have a multicultural flavor and there's a free Caspar Babypants song that goes with the book. There's also a seek and find aspect to the game that's fun for kids and adults. Once you read through the book you can make up your own version!

 Kate's Artwork

Out of all your prints, what are some of your favorites?

Right now I tend to favor the images that are inspired by Inuit art of Canada and Alaska. The Inuit people render animals in such a whimsical and mystical way that is really inspirational.

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