Summer Boredom Busters

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My summers were always spent working my part-time job or complaining about how I had absolutely nothing to do. It's quite a frustrating thought, actually, to spend september through june twiddling thumbs in a classroom, waiting for summer just so you can do nothing and complain about it for two months. My mom's ideas were always chore-related or "why not get a head start on your summer homework?" I did not approve of either of these suggestions and watching TV reruns lost its spark so I had to fend for myself. 

Summer Boredom-Busters:

-Camping: If you can, get away for a weekend with the family, leave cellphones and ipads behind and enjoy nature. Sure, that means giving up showers for a couple days, but making s'mores around the fire is a nice trade off. If you can't organize a camping trip away from home, go backyard camping. You can still make s'mores, tell stories and you're still close to home, just in case. 

-Beach day: If it's 80 degrees or hotter, it makes no sense to stay in doors. Grab something fun to read, your swimsuit and sunscreen and head for the beach. Everybody needs their healthy dose of vitamin D. 

-Take a hike: There are plenty of beautiful hiking trails that you have yet to discover.  Search for some options, make your favorite trail mix, pack a water bottle and go explore! Hiking hardly feels like exercise when you're surrounded by beautiful scenery. Don't forget to bring a camera, you might need it when you get to the top. 

-Find a special reading spot: Summer reading is fun for some, but not for everyone. You can make it fun. Designate a relaxing reading spot. If you have to do homework during your vacation, might as well get some enjoyment out of it.

-Get in shape with a friend: Not all of us get sunshine year round so take advantage of good weather while you can. Play outdoor sports, take walks instead of driving, etc. As long as you stay active, you won't feel like you did nothing over your summer vacation.

-Be crafty: There are days that aren't so nice and those are perfect days for crafts. You can make something simple or challenge yourself with a project you've been meaning to attempt. Stretch your creativity, crafts are a healthy hobby to get into.

-Have a tourist day: There are things in your city that you either have yet to discover or forget about. Go out and explore the tourist attractions in your area: museums, scenic parks, trademark food stands, city markets, etc. 

-Create special occasions with friends: You're out of school and don't have your usual social events like dances and football games. Special occasions can be fun. Invite friends for an afternoon picnic or an evening potluck. Food brings people together and this way, you won't lose contact with friends over the break. 

-Attend a street fair: Summer is the time for arts and crafts fairs, farmer's markets and culture festivals. Experience something new, try new foods and watch street performers, even if you're at risk of getting a few bad tan lines. 

-Bake a dessert: Personally, baking is something I always say I want to do and never get around to actually doing. Whip up some cookies to take to friends or neighbors. Baking is therapeutic and no one usually refuses a cookie. 

-Get organized: This is something you rarely have time for during the school year so why not take advantage of your time off. I know, I know… why would you want to do something school related any sooner than the day before you absolutely have to. Getting organized will make you feel more relaxed about going back to school. You'd much rather rest on your last few days of summer than feel like you're starting school early. 

-Take lots of pictures: You will have your memories, but for the really big adventures, you'll need pictures to prove it really happened. 

-Family trivia: Get the family together for a night of trivia. Make sure there's a category for everyone so that no one feels left out and be sure to think of good prizes for the winning team. 

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