Wash as you go - Kitchen lessons revisited

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We run a fairly organized home, so this probably should have been commonplace in our house, but it wasn't.  We tried this a little while back, and it's really helped how all of us (adults and kids) clean the kitchen. 


Wash as you go - 2 people working together is so much more efficient:

  • When preparing a meal together, wash items (mixing bowls, spoons) as you go, rather than at the end.  This makes for a much easier and more relaxed meal and post-meal.  
  • Have two or more people make a meal so that it’s way easier to be efficient – name one the chef, and the other the sous-chef.
  • Assign “towel duty” - Washing is so much easier when tackled together.  One person washes, and one dries immediately.  The dish rack is never full, making the entire process much quicker.  (Then you can always use the rack for the last remaining items, and smaller items that are harder to dry.)
  • And remember that washing together can be a social experience.  Take your time, talk, interact.
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