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This collection features classic quotes from your favorite characters throughout the Shrek series. 

Shrek Lunch Note Style "Quote Notes"
Shrek "Noteable" Quotes
"I'm a Donkey on the Edge" Kiss-Cut Sticker
"Not My Gumdrop Buttons" Kiss-Cut Sticker
Lord Farquaad Kiss-Cut Sticker
Rumpelstiltskin "My Angry Wig" Kiss-Cut Sticker
Fiona "Who You Calling Princess?" Kiss-Cut Sticker
Pinocchio "I'm NOT Wearing Women's Underwear" Kiss-Cut Sticker
Puss in Boots "Cat People Are Crazy" Kiss-Cut Sticker
"Shrek Happens" Kiss-Cut Sticker
Three Blind Mice "No Paparazzi Please" Kiss-Cut Sticker
Shrek "Oh Snap! It's Christmas!" Holiday Card
Three Blind Mice "Season's Greetings" Holiday Card
Puss in Boots "Dear Santa, Define 'Good'" Holiday Card
Gingy "Love, Peace & Gumdrop Buttons" Holiday Card
Shrek "Shrek the Halls" Holiday Card
Donkey "Mule-Tide Greetings" Holiday Card
Pinnochio "Dear Santa, I can Explain" Holiday Card
Shrek "Eat, Drink & Be Smelly" Holiday Card
Shrek Series Sticker Set
Shrek Series Sticker Set