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Tips for a Safe Halloween

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays.  After my family moved to the United States when I was four, every year, my mom looked forward to helping me plan my costume. My parents took me to the local mall to trick-or-treat from store to store and as I got older, I graduated to going door to door with friends. Taking me to the mall was the easy way to kill two birds with one stone… dinner, trick-or-treating and an easy excuse to call it a night by 8pm. 

It took me a while to get over my fear of fake blood and monster masks, but even as I got older, my parents always made sure that I felt safe on Halloween and in return, the least I could do was be honest about my party plans. While Halloween is known for being all kinds of scary, we should all be able to dress up, have fun and, most importantly, feel safe. Some safety tips may seem obvious but we all could use a few reminders. 

Tips for a Safe Halloween: 

-Bring a flash light: It gets dark pretty early on Hallows Eve. A flashlight will help other people see you and will help you see your path 

-Only use marked crosswalks: Not everyone remembers to slow down when driving through residential streets. Cross where a car would expect to see you, never in between cars or in the middle of the road.

-Avoid homemade treats, only eat properly wrapped candy: Any opened candy should be thrown away. Yes, some people have only the best intentions and like to bake cookies for trick-or- treaters, but for food safety reasons, it's better to toss these treats.

*Parents: It's not a bad idea to go through your kid's candy before they eat it.

-Wear something that reflects light so cars can see you: Especially if your costume is all black. Reflective tape works quite well.

-Do NOT go trick-or-treating alone: Have an adult go with you or go with a group of friends.

-Map out a route for trick or treating: Make sure your parents and your trick-or-treating group are aware of this route.

-Costume accessories like swords, knives and guns should all have rounded edges and be made of flimsy materials like rubber to make sure no one gets hurt.

-Report any suspicious activity around the neighborhood right away: Some people see Halloween as an occasion for pranks and vandalism. If you see any suspicious behavior, do NOT get involved. Call the police, they'll gladly come check it out.

-If your costume includes a mask, make sure you can see out of the eye holes properly.

-Stick to more populated roads: Don't cut through back alleys. Stay in well-lit areas.

-When trick-or-treating, never enter anyone's home.

Extra Tips for Teens:

-AVOID PRANKS: It may seem like a fun idea but remember that vandalism is a crime you WILL get in trouble.

-Tell your parents where you're going, who you're with and tell the truth: It's not easy for parents to let you go out on your own on Halloween. Win some brownie-points and maintain mom and dad's trust.

-Be EXTRA aware of trick or treaters if you're driving: Go slow, do not speed, especially in residential areas.

-Pour your own drink into your cup and don't leave your drink unattended.

-If you are driving, make sure you have enough gas to get where you need to go.

-Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave the house: If you're staying out late, help mom and dad keep their peace of mind by sending them a text to check in once or twice throughout the night.

-If you're going out with a big group of friends, make your costume unique so you stand out in the crowd.

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Have a fun and safe Halloween, everyone!

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